African Diaspora Professionals

Club '14


about Us

We are a group of African professionals in Silicon Valley focused on increasing awareness of the African Diaspora and identifying opportunities and resources that enrich and improve our well-being and also enable us make an impact in communities in Africa.

We actively invest in businesses and start ups in Africa and the USA and always welcome . We also host networking and social events that bring together like minded individuals and families


We bring together a great combination of skills, experience and knowledge


We are innovationve in our approach to networking and investing


We strive for excellence in all that we do

We stand out in the crowd

Our members have invested in

We are a team of Professionals

What we Do

Have Fun

Our goal is to create an environment that is fun, open and welcoming.

One Family

We are one close and united family that works together to support and motivate each other

Explore Opportunities

We are particular about exploring new frontiers. We embrace a diversity of ideas and thoughts wioth extensive debates


We are interested in investment oppportunities from around the world. Businesses pitch to us at our Business Roundtable and we invest in those with the best opportunities

we are a bunch of creative people

Ogas at the Top

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Obi Anusiem Founder
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Yemi Falokun Vice Chairman
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Sam Immanuel Chief Compliance Officer

Get In Touch

If you want to join our group or you are just looking to meet or hang out with a fun friendly group of African professionals or have a business idea and want to present it to us, we would love to hear from you.